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アスリートソサエティで過去に陸上を指導してきた青年が、その後大きくなり、ブータンの高校の体育教師になりました。その彼が所属している高校が日本の高校との陸上競技交流を希望しています。以下が交流希望の概要になりますが、どなたかブータンの高校生の受け入れをしてくれる高校 or 陸上部はいらっしゃいませんでしょうか?

■人数:高校生(15歳-17歳) x 4人程度 + 引率の教員1人




Day 1 – Start from Bhutan

Day 2 – Reach Japan

Day 3 – Athlete training (Sprints)
– Fundamental of Sprints (Theory Session)
– Sprint Drills
– Focus on Take off
– Breaking down 100m sprint (Breaking down the 100m sprint involves understanding how the race is divided into distinct 20m segments, each contributing to the sprinters’ efforts to achieve explosiveness in the 100m race. This entails a detailed analysis of the main aspects of 100m sprints)

Day 4 – Athlete Training (Middle Long Distance)
– Warm up
– Different Middle Long Distance races (Theory Session)
– Coordination Drills
– Aerobic and Anaerobic respiration difference
– Afternoon – (Athlete Training)
– Middle long distance
– Interaction with the students from Japan (training and visit to their school)

Day 5 – Theory session
– On preventing Injuries and Physiotherapy
– How to develop Endurance capacity at different age
– Training (Strength and flexibility)
– Long distance run

Day 6 – Athlete training
– Sprints
– Theory (How to develop speed)
– Importance of Nutrition and Diet
– Fundamental of strength and coordination for speed development
– Short visit to park in Japan

Day 7– Return Back to Bhutan

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