「Leadership Training of Young Athletes」


Modern age athletes need more than just competitive talent. They need leadership skills. This is the belief behind our program that provides young athletes with leadership training opportunities.

For the 2015 Tokyo Marathon Foundation’s Sports Legacy Project, we oversaw the leadership program aimed at “Diamond Athletes”, recognized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federation.

Diamond Athletes are those of the U19 group, who show promise and talent, and are highly anticipated to flourish during the next Tokyo Olympics. Currently (as of 2016), there are 13 people who have received this designation. The Diamond Athlete leadership program aims to train athletes who can show international leadership as well as improve within their respective fields.

During the first program held in November 23, 2015 we invited Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi a member of the House of Representatives as a guest speaker to talk about “the Power of Words”. At the end of the full four sessions, each of the thirteen participants made a speech about why they participate in track and field, and what their goals are.

Athlete Society Foundation plans to hold events that focus on the advancement of athletes and the promotion of sports alongside athletic training programs.

We also plan to hold leadership programs for non-athletes that incorporate sports tactics, employing the knowledge of Tamesue and board members, being a professional athlete and current business manager.